PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Are we being rational

This is a post dated entry. I did it many times before. As time is scarce, the available time for blogging ends with multiple postings. I spread out over hours. I call it post dated entries, very much similar to post dated cheques. We sign 20 postdated cheques and they can be cashed out earliest as the dates on the cheques. Similarly, a post dated blog entry will be be published precisely as the date and time specified.

2. This is one of those.

3. I am looking at Perak Crisis nonchalantly. Whatever emerge out of the fiasco, it doesnt directly affect my life and those depending on me. We are miles apart, separated by the physical boundries of rivers, and mountains. I may visit Perak from time to time or I may just pass through without stopping on the way north.

4. Dutifully we queue up at polling booth to cast votes every four years or so. A big cross squeezed within the rectangular box suffices to ease our conscience democratically. Choice is made on which party and person to be our saviour. When they count votes, result could go either way. What do we really get out of this democratic exercise?

5. Whoever form the government, state or federal has a responsibility to shoulder. The way forward should sum up a reasonable tagline. But the danger lies in trying to be fair to their die-hard supporters and voters. Some fail to distinguish between penyokong and rakyat. Once elected, their outlook should be for the rakyat.

6. Heavy emphasis on rakyat will see schools, hospitals, good transportation network, creation of job oppurtunities and sound welfare system offered to the masses. There will be freedom of worship. If religous houses in the form of mosques, temples, tokongs, kuils and churches are symbol of religous freedom, I suppose that is abundant in this country. No one shall complain.

7. Talk about realignment for a while, a shift in strategic positioning or geographical orientation. How a business in an area suddenly collapse as a new and better business hub nearby spring into action. Business is shifting countinously. So is the housing, a good priced area suddenly become less strategic as roads are diverted and a local change in economic spectrum.

8. Are we happy with what we have over the many years?. A chance to grow up, an oppurtunity to get proper education, employment, social and health care and religous freedom are among the many in the list. In the end, a safe country to live in is the ultimate.

9. When we vote for the opposition what are we looking for? Sebuah negara yang lebih adil?, a country where specific religion will flourish? A country for all? A republic minus the monarch?

10. Do we get stuck with a particular political party and it becomes a burden. Do we get stuck with a particular figurehead, a hero, a saviour? When they shouted "takbir", is it done with religous fervour or just political tunes. When Hindraf made an appearance, was the Indians badly treated and sidelined all these while? When PAS collectively potray a threatening front, was it religous or fashion?

11. Are we being rational in political games? The leaders, supporters, and the rakyat in general had shown weird inclinations in Perak. Whats done today with politics, will push ripples 3 generations down the line.

12. The question to ask is, are we not treated fairly over the years. Of course some want more, and something new.


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