I am following the drama of Lim, Anwar and Mahdzir with Kulim Kedah as the background. There were talks everywhere, you know the cyber talks. But Anwar chooses the sanctity of the House to point fingers and again he has what it takes, the video. How come Anwar keep having videos? What's he up to? What kind of man is he to collect videos and use them for political gains? Was he the clever one who shouted to the whole world about having boxes of documents to implicate ministers way back in the late 90's.

Was he the one who release lingam videos in portions?. What he cares is his political gain even if he has to punch himself black and dead!

I will be extra careful to get along with this kind of man. I term this kind of man as a multiple blade guy!!... but when Ahmad said "You will be surprised about the real culprit", my heart beat double.....

MACC chief to Anwar:
"Show us the video"

by Manjit Kaur
the star
20 Feb 2009

Ahmad Said said the case brought forward by Lim was still under investigations, and that Anwar’s statement could adversely effect the case.

“There are a lot of conflicting statements given by Lim himself which cannot be revealed at the moment. We cannot come up with a conclusion or decision base on one video.

“You won’t be surprised, that when we finish our investigations, we expose who is the main culprit behind all this,’’ he added. [MACC chief to Anwar: ‘Show us the video recordings’
Malaysia Star, Malaysia ]


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