MALAYSIAKINI: Anwar said, your writings not islamic

I lost the book.

I cant locate where it is now, a book on Anwar. The author was relating an incident in Parliament lobby. He was summoned by Anwar about a book he had written or still in writing [memory fails me again]. The author was very articulate, stretching the moment longer than it should.

2. He said about Anwar eyebrows raised up beyond yonder and he blurted "your writing not islamic!" Then Ruhanie Ahmad tried to cool both Anwar and the author down.

3. Those were the days when Anwar was so high up in the government. I wonder if Anwar is really a writer. The book "Asian renaissance" purportedly written by him was very much indian or pakistani's work. From the way arguments, points and langguage flow para by para it smells garam masala cover to cover.

4. But how come someone highlighted Anwar's praise on Salman Rushdie as prolific writer. Either that statement is a slander to tarnish Anwar's image or just to caution Anwar for unconsciously paying the price of US red carpet a decade ago.

5. To some, Anwar is an islamic thinker and a freedom fighter, but to some others Anwar is just an opportunist .... That explains Anwars remark " so what?" in response to Ezam's accusation in KT by election.

That author is now a blogger who has liking for red ink!


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