PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Who caught in Pantai Remis

I dont intend to play up rumours to further complicate things. Perak crisis is getting deeper and people dont care what cause all these. Most, including me, to a certain extent take a step at a time. While doing so, we could easily have forgotten the last step taken.

2. First was the Bota guy. The whole house got so mad with laughters with biggest grins as Anwar put pkr jacket on Nasarudin. A week later, after a slight turbulence in Perak Umno, Najib came back with a damaging news. Now BN has a slight edge over Pakatan Rakyat. Zambry, the Pangkor Boy, humbly accepted the biggest responsibility he ever had, the Menteri Besar of Perak.

3. There was chaos that Friday, as demonstrators tangled up with regular Kuala Kangsar guys just after friday prayers. The next day, police splashed photos as "wanted man and woman".

4. I received text message out of a sudden,

"Orang baring depan kereta Raja Nazrin Jumaat lepas kena cekup polis 4 am td. Org Tmn Pantai Wang. Dia asal Ipoh. bekas SB. etnik mamak. Dgrnya Tim Ketua Pas Bgn Beruas. Kontraktor sekuriti di teknik Janakuasa Segari. Bini dia xxxxxx mahkamah, asal NS. Bikin malu saja ..."

I cant print the xxxxx, sorry.

5. Shall we put it as rumours unless police say otherwise. Many years ago, when I was much smaller, there were stickers issued to us in schools which has this printed on it "DONT LISTEN TO RUMOURS". I cant relate the political situation then to the stickers because I was too small and naive then.


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