ANWAR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: will there be sodomy video.

Will there be sodomy's video? A fifteen or 30 minutes or an hour long? Or a quickie 5 minute?

It is just a mental game stretching beyond what is obvious. To date, there have been 3 videos with record viewing! Sometimes ago, Lingam's tagline sounded really correct to everyone. It was household item. To make the matter even more interesting, Anwar slided in the video in phases. Such suspense. A thriller and a showcase of Don Juan seducing strategy. There was powww factor! [Lingam video guy]

Then Elizabeth Wong has herself waxed in Malaysian Madame Tussauds political waxhouse. She will stay there permanently endorsed by her trusted companions. It was only few photographs in the beginning but according to her but she feared the 30 minute video may surface. Nobody wish to guess the content of her most feared 30 minute video [ fears 30-minute video may surface]

Now Soi Lek's peculiarity is under the spotlight. It will tarnish his dimming image definitely, but what's worst is the overall image of chinese BN politicians. So now, Wong PKR one and Soi Lek MCA one.[Soi Lek]

Of the three, i will rate Soi lek as the sweetest because he is such a darling with nice, sweet and innocent look. Second will be Elizabeth Wong with her feminine enthusiasm and of course the third is Lingam. But Lingam put rings to the notion "See, i told you, i can do almost anything". What a triology of most interesting digitized graphical info ever shown to us Malaysians.

The next case will be Anwar's sodomy charge. With the earlier 3 videos [two out and one not yet], I am waiting for some kind of digitized graphical evidence to splash the current stinky political atmosphere. In short will there be video as evidence on the sodomy's charge. For the moment, nobody is saying anything. If there is one, damn if they keep us in suspense. Haha. "Damn you.. I am not going to watch Anwar in action packed video", said a friend as he was caffeinated with coffee during our rounds.

But is everything Ok with Anwar? Hakol Beseder B'Eli Haseder.

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