Lets play games
and relate as much as we can to the current political turmoil. Could it be Rugby, when both sides were at dead lock with scrum? Could it be Bowling when one pin pushes the rest and fall flat at the edge? Could it be Netball when a girl toss the ball high with scientific projectile, hoping it will wobble and squeeze neatly into the basket. Or could it be Golf, when one does not play against any clear opponents but has only him/herself to swing and to putt into a little hole?

While modern Matahari is still lurking doing double sword job, how sure can we be to explain the multiple checkmates in a single frame of political chess.

As Anwar warned media to lay off elizabeth wong scandal [or rather bad luck] and described the circulation of photographs as BN's job, Najib has something to say, while Iskandar a PAS exco look at economical espionage or arm twisting as a possible clue.

Anwar hinted at BN
for Elizabeth bedroom exposure.

On Tuesday, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had described the circulation of Wong's photographs as a by-product of a bigger BN conspiracy to destroy PKR.
Anwar also slammed BN leaders by saying that they had no right to talk about morality and singled out Najib.

Meanwhile Najib put it as,
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said Pakatan Rakyat was just pointing fingers at BN without any proof."They have accused BN, but what evidence do they have? I didn't even know about the incident until it surfaced. "If they want to accuse us, do it with proof and evidence. Do not simply accuse us," he said after chairing the cabinet committee on the liberalisation of the services sector inaugural meeting at Parliament yesterday. [BN has nothing to do with Wong's predicament, says Najib New Straits Times ]

The third person,
unexpectedly a PAS guy,
put some sense in his opinion,

State executive council member from Pas, Iskandar Abdul Samad, yesterday dismissed allegations that Barisan Nasional was involved in the circulation of Elizabeth Wong's photographs.
Iskandar, who is Housing, Building Management and Squatters Committee chairman, said this despicable act was not only due to political but also monetary motivation. The Selangor Pas deputy commissioner (III) said the distribution of the photographs may be the work of disgruntled developers who were not satisfied when the state government banned development on class three and four hillslopes. [Selangor Pas: BN not behind despicable act New Straits Times]

I had been guessing, it is something of arm twisting manipulative action, for both political and economical purpose. This is nothing new. Matahari had done it. Anwar had a few secrets himself, best kept in his own chest, on what is political and economical arm twisting all about. He will not tell secrets.


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