KARPAL SINGH : dire need of a body guard.

Lets talk about having body guard since Karpal said so. He said so due to the threats and scuffles at the Parliament on Thursday. I think it was a sensible approach from a reasonably sensible man of his stature.

But what is more sensible is having a body guard to keep his strong/stinging/bordering to racial/ outbursts at bay. I suppose those are the root cause. "King is Singh or Singh is King" may not be able to capture the fine element of root cause.

Even the bombardment of Iraq and Afghanistan cleverly hid away the actual motives. We are made to see something else. That has always been the way.

Karpal: I may need to get a body guard
The Star
DAP chairman Karpal Singh said he now has to seriously consider getting a bodyguard following the threats and scuffle at the Parliament on Thursday. click Karpal: ‘I may need to get a bodyguard’

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