ELIZABETH WONG WITH MALAYSIAKINI: personal, security and political issue

is a difficult issue. Anwar has called media to lay off the Bukit Lanjan assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong. This statement from Anwar as reported by Straits Times catch my eyes;

"There are so many murder and other criminal cases that have yet to be resolved. The police have yet to act on Arumugam's report which was made three months ago. The police report (Wong's) was only made yesterday, so what's the rush,"

"This (Wong's case) is a personal matter that involves a boyfriend. Her boyfriend does not come under my work jurisdiction," said Anwar. [Lay off Elizabeth Wong, Anwar tells media
New Straits Times]

Matahari was a legend when we talk about spy and espionage. The background was World War 1. Lets read a bit on Matahari;

Mata Hari was at best a novice spy who was likely scapegoated to give the French people a cause to rally around. This dynamic was an early indicator of the rabid love-hate fascination we have with celebrities. Mata Hari was executed for her audacity. She flagrantly carried on open affairs throughout her career with dignitaries such as the French Foreign Minister, the German Secretary of War and Crown Prince Wilhelm II.

Mata Hari became famous by dancing with such daring eroticism that from her debut in 1905, she was in demand across the continent. She also honed her skills and it was only when her looks began to fade in her thirties and young rivals, imitating her style, did she find herself without Europe coiled tightly around her finger.

She got caught in the middle of an elaborate game of military chess where she thought she could outplay the masters and charm her way through. Though it’s still contested, she likely attended a top secret espionage academy in Germany trained by Fraulein Doktor, another legendary female spy.

Evidences in the form of photographs and recordings had been used to manipulate. A private investigator engaged by a wife to follow on her husband, may use the evidence to screw handsome bucks out of the guy. We see such things in movie. And Matahari does not have to a woman, it can be a boyfriend, a guy or an old man but the effect is just the same, a disruption, a vicious manipulation!

To pull strings, to manipulate another country both for political and economical reasons, similar tactics can be used. Even though Anwar mentioned it as just something very private, but the very same intrusion of privacy can be used for manipulation. Just imagine Anwar being a Prime Minister being threatened by lucid photographs in the hand of bad guys. Sovereignty could be at stake! National Security is never a personal matter! Elizabeth Wong resignation is a good and honourable gesture and should be seen in this light.


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