ELIZABETH WONG WITH MALAYSIAKINI: fears 30-minute video may surface

I really pity her.

Once we opt to be a public figure, there is no such thing as private life or privacy. So must so people got confused and they cant differentiate between official and private car. Thats what I gather from issues disturbing the present Selangor MB. Again, kopitiam talks go even further, somebody within PKR is dying to be the next MB, therefore the old man must go. Oh, that cannot be true. ... Lets wait, lets tread on the tight rope, or as Khalid puts it, Lets walk the talk. Yes, thats sweet!

Now back to Eli, she fears 30 minute video and more photographs may surface soon. Very tough and very damaging!

Things may get even worse for Ms Wong who has left Malaysia because of the scandal.

There is a half-hour-long video and more photographs that may surface soon.

And some of the images may have been downloaded from her laptop.

That is what Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders were told, reported the Star newspaper.

The newspaper did not say what the content of the video was except that it was damaging.

Ms Wong herself said this is something she feared and expected.

Full here: MP fears 30-minute video and more photos may surface soon Electric New Paper

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