Only Karpal Singh
made it clear that he oppose defections. The others are playing it down and cool. Nik Aziz made a rare statement that it will be ok if BN reps defect to PAS. To him it is like coming home.

Now, rumours has it that four more will defect in Perak.

Four opposition members
to defect

wed feb 11 2009

WITH the dust barely settling on last week's defections, speculation is now rife that another four could defect.

The four, also from the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) coalition, are said to be ready to defect to the Barisan Nasional (BN), reported liberal news portal Malaysian Insider.

The report said that in text messages being circulated, four names are mentioned - Democratic Action Party's (DAP's) Keshvinder Singh of Malim Nawar district, DAP's A. Siva Subramanium of Buntong, Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat's (PKR's) S. Kesavan of Hutan Melintang and PKR's Tai Sing Ng of Kuala Sepetang.

The news portal said that 'well-informed sources' in Umno confirmed that discussions are ongoing with five more PR lawmakers.

The sources were quoted saying that 'there is a good chance' that three of the five will cross over in the next two months. 'The timeline of two months could mean it could be tomorrow on in 60 days,' the Umno source said.

BN is said to be looking for Indian representatives to cross over in order to make its line-up more multi-ethnic.The death of PAS MP for Bukit Gantang Roslan Shaharom yesterday means that a by-election may happen in Perak.The possible by-election will be a referendum on the political situation in Perak. And it will come at an awkward time for Umno, with the Umno general assembly due in late March.

Meantime, Kedah assemblyman V. Arumugam of PKR quit his seat and his position on the state's executive council yesterday afternoon. His resignation has sparked fears of defection, and of a similar scenario replaying in Kedah.

Though he resigned amid allegations linking him to a 'marriage scandal', he said he has been under pressure to defect, claiming that he has received threats.

refer to: Four opposition members to defect? Electric New Paper


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