PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Stand off is a bluff

In politics, a smart move is to prolong the climax. Dont be mistaken, for climax will not come in as most tend to understand. It is not about being ecstatic.

2. They were fanning the takeover issue as long as they can, much longer than necessary. People dont expect Nizar to move out as soon as Zambry was sworn in, but to tell the whole world that he will continue to use the official residence as office to meet prospective investors is childish.

3. Did I misread the letter? I thought it says something like "...... failing to do so, he shall be considered as vacating the post". Something like that. And Anwar declared to us that it was him that ask Nizar to continue as Menteri Besar and stay at the official residence.

4. It is good that Nizar is ready to move out.


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