Umno, A broken Bracelet

Lets not talk about gelang patah in its literal sense and spend valuable time scrutinizing it.
A broken bracelet.
A pride shattered.
A broken hope.

Gelang patah had a story about going for broke two years ago. Another brick in the wall did a run through of the whole fiasco (Tembelang KJ dan Reezal pecah di Gelang Patah; Akarumbi Tidak Terima KJ).

I thought item 17 worth a repeat.

17. Seorang saksi di luar dewan memberitahu beliau melihat Mohammad Khairi dan Haji Abdullah berbincang secara sulit, tergesa-gesa dan kelihatan cemas.

In case we have forgotten, a news clip will help to rekindle what has flared two years ago.

NST Online 2008/10/12 Delegates claim nomination was rigged

JOHOR BARU: Tempers flared at the Gelang Patah Umno Youth meeting at a hotel here yesterday following the nomination of Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin for the national Youth wing chief's post.

Most of the 146 delegates at the meeting, who were rooting for Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, voiced their dissatisfaction over the outcome, claiming that there was foul play during the vote-counting process.

They claimed that 70 per cent of the delegates had nominated Dr Khir and it was baffling to see Khairy's name cropping up at the end of the meeting at 5.30pm.

But who is Khairi Malek?

Probably there is a need to go slow as we move along this political scrutiny to pick up pieces, and recognise faces. Lets ride on a serial , fixing political bracelet down south.

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This is their registered office
UMNO Bahagian Gelang Patah
No. 10 Jalan 4
Taman Perumahan Rakyat 5 Kedai
81120 Gelang Patah

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