Dasar Sungai Panchau di Banting.

Saya sekadar salin liputan berita untuk terus mengikuti jenayah ngeri bersiri di Banting.

KUALA LANGAT: The Sungai Pan­chau riverbed in Banting – where ash and remains of murdered cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three others were dumped – could well turn out to be a gruesome watery grave after police found more than 300 hu­­man bone fragments.

According to an expert who has been handling cremations for 20 years, that amount of bone fragments could easily be the remains of some 20 people.

This ghastly discovery has sparked a fresh round of speculation that more people could have been killed, burnt and dumped into the river, located about 5km from the farm where the quadruple murder took place.

Other developments are:

> THE prime suspect is believed to be linked to the brutal murder of a mechanic’s wife who was slashed to death in front of her house in Banting last year;

> THE lawyer has also been linked to seven controversial land deals invol­ving a total of RM7.1mil;

> POLICE have been hailed for their efficiency in solving the murders; and

> THE wife of missing Indian millionaire A. Muthuraja claims that only Rs1,000 (RM67) is left in Muthuraja’s accounts after he came to Banting to meet the two lawyer brothers.

refer: the star Cops find remains believed to be of 20 people

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