the burden of ruling party, just a view.

names are fictitious and this is not a news item.

  1. It is not limited to Umno, or BN or Malaysia. It applies to any ruling party. At birth, rock solid is the best description of spirit and enthusiasm, but through time the zest dies off and replaced by something else. The new drive is the fighting spirit to keep ruling. It affects everyone involved, more so for the individuals who aspire to go higher. As soon as wisdom diminishes, greed comes in hungry and with such brutal force. How else would individuals retain power?
  2. A minister will take guys with suitable loyalty to look after him. Then funny guys of Khair and Hiz character come in to help. As if that's not enough, they keep enough pressure to make sure officers toe the line and even break the rules. A few has to be sidelined and blacklisted, invariably those are the straight, strict and honest guys. The whole ministerial globe turns into an Umno Greedy Division. Names has to be scrutinized. The definition of good officers changes Whoever that can affect maneuver to swing projects, requests and demands to their sides are excellent and fits the quorum of my guys. Guys has to be imported and planted to do the maneuver. Mr. Kamarruddin and Dr Amin hop like greedy Rambo. Even Khairul and Badrul hide behind their handsome faces when heavy bag changed hands. And they are bringing more in, with similar green belly.
  3. They are now playing dirty right in front of others. And these people are voters who may swing support and push anger into ballot boxes all over the country. Anybody cares about creating wealth? No, but there is a fine line separating Umno's cause and personal greed in pursuit of political glamor and personal wealth. They disrupt traditions and structure. They create dissent and push the widening gap further. The individuals will go home and talk to their family. Over weekends they talk among friends. After a while the whole family and friends will be sharing anger and dissent. This is the silent vote swing which nobody can stop.
  4. How would we know they care about Umno, the malays and the nation. We are heading towards a damning vanishing point, where all things will collide with a big bang... poor Umno in dirty hands. Poor voters are blinded by smiles. But there must be a way. It is slow but brutal, waking up the old sleepy tiger, the ruling party.

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