a shrewd 9million maneuver

All names are fictitious and this is not a news item.

There was once upon a time, a damn rich malay politico businessman by the name Dato Malee. He has kaki at certain strategic point to deliver the damn thing. Poor little guys piously work through the proposal and endorse a big NO GO. The same proposal came down again to be handled by another section, still a NO GO. The price is simply bloody expensive! It came down for the third time, and this time it became a YES GO. Mr Eric son of Aron laughs out loud, looking at all the stupidity. Even Mr Gor and Mr Dol managed to put up sheepish smiles. But Badrul and Khairul went about their usual exchange, a bag at the back of the beautiful car. But Dato Malee attended Hari Raya celebration and deserve a sit beside the VVIP. If we care to scrutinize the bigger transaction, the scale of hyporicy double or triple.

In the end, a 9m deal is considered better than a 2m offer. But who cares...

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