How do we hide robbery.

All names are fictitious and this is not a news item.

Bribery induces Robbery. Bribery itself is as old as vice. It is about getting what we want, no matter what. Ask Dr Amin, because he knows everything. Honest guys will dutifully bid. Most guys will submit and ask someone to help. Readiness to help is a virtue preached by pious people, but to the layman helps has a price-tag. Money can come in envelopes, tucked in between newspaper. or money can come in big bags as Badrul and Khairul had demonstrated more than once. Money can exchange hands while playing and cruising in Bandung, or Wellington. Some people prefer cash, but some like to wash the dirty money clean, by placing it in secret accounts. That's how thing goes.

If they are real robin hood, people can tolerate.

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