Suhaimi Jahanghir a broker.

How can people live up to propagate the common drive in spearheading government transformational agenda. The necessity to strengthen the base to withstand economic pressure is really felt in the wake of deficit. But people never learn when a phone call to top the perk up to 200K is the standard communication prior to approval. We never know if conversation is recorded. We never know whats the perk for. We never know the money could be in perfect serial for simple evidence and arrest.

Who cares for termly votes, when house is big, cars are many and coffer full of penny. The yardstick is what the little guy owns. The rest will not be happy just looking. In the end we are in fact building up the momentum pushing the whole weight of trust and integrity down the hill of doom, displaying a blatant disregard for decency all the way. The name is fictitious, so No sweat, No regret.

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