Rais Yatim being clowned

An interesting turn of event as the year is about to end. A billion worth of contract is the starting point. To whom the contract is awarded is the real issue. Of course, contract of this volume will send waves down the business world. Many will be more than ready to grab and snatch. So the story goes about someone sons getting sizable chunks.

Easy money, easy contract attracts many seasoned quicky businessmen. The easiest is to get someone close to decision makers to lobby. I don't think those who raise this issue care too much about integrity and transparency. I suspect Greed and "why not me" is the driving factor.

And over the years with Malaysian politics, there were instances where "pukul anak sindir menantu" is the approach taken. The bullet is not meant for Rais's heart, for someone else... But when Rais choose to bite the bait by making a police report, the trap is set to snatch hard!

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