Dr Heazar , a novice

Everybody has friends to lean on, to talk things over. Friends can help when time is tough. Even if time is not tough, friends can still help to facilitate things for future to be brighter. A bright future is very open ended, no single answer is right. In fact answers are infinite.

There was a time when a TYT came over for State's Raya Celebration. How many rakyat dare to say no to TYT request. Malay (which Umno declares to represent) in its core essence, holds to the principle, tidak derhaka. The Ketua Menteri was scheduled to accompany. God knows for what reason, but that seemed to be enough for the officer to be banished. Everyone were pointing at Heazar. His messages and phone calls were real. Service provider has record for every single word. For a while rakyat excuse Heazar for being hasty and naive. But the blame went to someone else, a dato. He absorbed all blame for not doing much to protect his guys. And for that, Umno definitely not Heazar lose trust and votes. Who can tolerate injustice?

Then there were yellow letters flying around as if those were god sent. Some were out of the ordinary which require out of ordinary treatment. And there were dirty tricks behind yellow letters. For those old enough, no trick is a trick. A friend of the minister submitted a proposal. Genuine and decent proposal. It was pushed down for perusal. A good proposal normally received good evaluation. He secretly allowed another proposal which come in later after he leaked out to his friends. The good proposal was thrown out through the window. Then someone else received the blame for not doing much to ministers friend. His true color is showing every minute. And it is becoming uglier.

Everybody is wondering if these boys, Heazar included, are doing things for themselves or the minister or Umno. Business community is so used to one or 2 thou as little perks to keep the boys happy. But greed is haunting so it escalates. Then they become very daring to throw in people or to banish people. There is a hint of Banting murders in their maneuver.

If he ever thinks that politics is going to be his bread and butter , Kedah has no room for him. Enough words has gone around about the deceit. We have too many of those at the moment. We cant win Kedah through this character, definitely not against PAS.

Business people are so used to elbowing and uppercuts and God knows if these people dutifully vote for Umno or Barisan. But poor ordinary people suffer and felt cheated. For Heazar's doing, they think twice when they vote later, because they see with their own eyes about inconsistencies and outright robbery.

Malaysians were surprised by a bunch of level 4 boys a few years back, for their greed and rudeness, but now the level changes to 7.

We don't want Umno to lose votes, and therefore sacrifice has to be made. This article is not meant to be completely real but if it hurts anyone, I am sorry. Someone has to go before things get out of hand. I thought everybody loves UMNO, and ready to do the necessary things.. But as Roger Moore flexed his fingers in 1971, diamond glittered and money rang ..... Diamond is forever

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