Oh, Utusan too patriotic.

What's left for a little bit of patriotism? People are screwing up law and order, and some are more than ready for a head-on with the royal courts, kids fight in schools hostel was shown as cardinal sin for school authority. Even Negaraku was once swiped with new lyrics...

It does bring new meaning to be Malaysian whenever something like this crop up. Utusan Malaysia place it rightly and I just say it as very sweet and patriotic. And of course condemning the poor guy later for losing will whitewash the earlier malaysiaboleh stance

Chong Wei mara ke suku akhir Seluruh England

Pemain nombor satu dunia Datuk Lee Chong Wei mara ke suku akhir kejohanan badminton Seluruh England selepas menewaskan pemain Jerman, Marc Zwiebler 21-18, 21-16.

Chong Wei akan menentang Ville Lang dari Finland yang mendapat kemenangan percuma selepas lawannya dari Indonesia, Sony Dwi Kuncoro menarik diri akibat kecederaan belakang .

Chong Wei mara ke suku akhir Seluruh England Utusan

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